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GHAlliance Women



" Hab mej thov Vaajtswv paab kuv, kuas thaus kuv qha Vaajtswv Txujlug, kuv muaj lub sab tawv qha txuj Moo Zoo lub ntsab lug rua suavdlawg paub." Ephesians 6:19




We are a U.S. Ministry partner of The Christian Missionary Alliance that is committed to developing vibrant women's ministries in districts and Local churches. We pursue the following objectives:

  • Fellowship: To encourage a sense of community among women through the building of healthy relationships/friendships by the transforming power of Christ.
  • Discipleship: To encourage the study of God's Word and to inspire women to follow Christ through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.
  • Outreach: To equip women to share God's love and the message of the Gospel with family, friends, and neighbors.
  • Missions: To involve women in the world-wide ministries of the C&MA through intercession, short term missions, the support of overseas workers and their families, and an annual project that services specified needs in various countries.
  • Prayer: To encourage corporate and individual worship and intercession for Local, national, and worldwide ministries.

Officers 2015


N. Suav Ntaub Vaaj



N. Jong Ya

Fellowship Coordinator

N. Txawj Ntaaj Xyooj

Discipleship Coordinator

N. Ntxoov Kaim Hawj

Prayer Coordinator

N. Ntxhi Yeem Yaaj

Missions Coordinator

Ka Xiong

Outreach Coordinator

N. Tshuas Has Tsab



Resource Book

This resource book contains many helpful information for assisting women & their families.

Feel free to download a copy.