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News Archive

These are past events. You may also click on the "Photos" link to view photos from past events.

01/18/2013 - 01/20/2013: GHAC Missions Conference

Come check out the Missions Conference this weekend, Jan. 18-Jan. 20! Take some time to learn more about how God is working in the lives of our CMA missionaries all over the world. Open to everyone of all ages. Bring your family and friends!

Location: Grace Hmong Alliance Church


12/31/2012: New Year Celebration / Zov Hmo 2012-2013

Join us in the church basement as we celebrate the beginning of the New Year 2013! There will be games, testimonies, baptism, snacks, special message, & more! All ages welcome to attend.

Date/Time: Monday, December 31st @ 6pm-12am.
Location: Church Basement


10/27/2012: Kidney Health Screening

FREE EVENT! Join us if you have Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, or a family history of these conditions or kidney disease. Must be 18 years of age or over.

DAWB! Txiv neej los poj niam muaj noob nyoog kaum yim xyoo los tshaj kws muaj Ntshav qab zib, Ntshav siab, lossis paub tias nws tsev neeg ib leeg muaj Ntshav qab zib, Ntshav siab, los kab mob siab. Teem sib hawm. Qhia koj cov phooj ywg!

  • Time: 8:30am - 1:30pm
  • Location: Grace Hmong Alliance Church


10/28/2012: Pastor Appreciation Sunday

October is Pastor Appreciation Month! Join us on Sunday, October 28 to celebrate our Pastors. Sign-up to bring a dish to share.


8/24/2012 - 8/26/2012: Recap of GHAC's Senior Retreat

The Seniors at GHAC enjoyed a God-focused, fun-filled weekend Retreat in Wisconsin Dells.


8/26/2012: GHAC Special Meeting

Peb yuav muaj ib lub roog sablaj tshwjxeeb tseemceeb nrog cov tswvcuab sawvdaws. Yog li ntawd, thov caw peb cov tswvcuab sawvdaws tuaj koom kev sablaj kom tau. Nej kev tuaj koom tseemceeb heev.

When (Thaum Twg): Hnub Sunday August 26th, 2012

  • Tomqab kev pehawm Vajtswv tag
  • Stay Immediately after church service for the special meeting
  • Lunch will be provided

What is it about? (Tham txog dabtsi?):

  • The Governing Board would like to hear your opinion regarding relocating the church to a more suitable place
  • Further details will be shared at the meeting


8/17/2012 - 8/19/2012: Txivtsev Fest

Open to all men 18+! Txivtsev Fest is hosted by the Men's Ministry of St. Paul Hmong Alliance Church. The purpose is to Fellowship with all Alliance Men. See the flyer for more information & to register.


8/18/2012: Community Outreach Day

Purpose: To outreach to the community by providing for the social/physical needs of the community in order to share the love and gospel of Christ.

Volunteers Needed!! We are in need of volunteers to coordinate games for the neighboring kids, help with the free rummage, or organize supplies on Friday (Aug. 17 @ 6:30pm and/or Aug. 18 @ 7am-12pm). Volunteers, please wear a white t-shirt.

Donations are also needed! Items can be: money, candy, water/snacks for the volunteers, school supplies, or free rummage items.


8/19/2012: Mission Focused Sunday

Join us on Sunday & come learn about Yexusfest, Thailand!


6/17/2012: Happy Father's Day!

Zoo Siab Txiv hnub! What great joy it is to celebrate our dads today. The DM Ministries, Youth, & Media team all created a movie to show our love to our dads. Alliance Women sang a sweet song & prepared breakfast for them.


6/15/2012: Please help pray for YexusFest!

About every volunteer have left to Thailand already. Please help pray for our leaders, volunteers, and visitors that will be attending YexusFest.