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Companions for Christ

Mission Statement

We exist as a caring support ministry for families to reach out and encourage everyone to live out their faith by serving God and one another.


Vision Statement

We want our group to

  • Keep Christ as the center of our marriage and families by applying the Word of God
  • To live a life that is reflected upon Jesus
  • To multiply and make more disciples



  • Find Biblical base resources that strengthen our marriage and families
  • Promote and encourage couploes to attend FamilyLife's "A Weekend to Remember" conference
  • Each team member to invite one couple or individual to join our small group
  • Equip and build each other up by leading Bible Studies and fellowship through outreach events



From January to August 2013, we will use the Abundant Life series for our bible studies as a vision casted by our senior pastor. From September to December 2013, we will use the Love and Respect small group series for our bible studies to build up our marriages as companions for Christ.


Day & Time we meet:

Every other Friday from 7pm - 9pm



Companion for Christ flyer



Ephesians 5:22, 25 “Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.”

Photo of Sao Yee and Bao Xiong Photo of Tou Ma Her and Vang Yang

Our Leaders


Sao Yee Xiong
(414) 530-4268


Bao Xiong (N. Xauv Yig)
(414) 530-3189




Tou Ma Her
(414) 232-2425


Vang Yang (N. Tou Ma)
(414) 897-1502







Other Ministries

Fellowship Event & Community Outreach Coordinator

Xiong Yang and Ly Moua (N. Xyooj)


Kong Yang and Maykia Lyboualong (N. Txawj Koob)


Thai Her & Mai Lia Moua (N. Thai)

Prayer Coordinator

Kaim Herr and Pangfua Herr (N. Ntxoov Kaim)


Chee Vue and Mai Kaus Vue (N. Txooj Tsi)

Photo of Kong Yang and Maykia Lyboualong Photo of Thai Her and Mai Lia Moua Photo of Kaim Herr and Pangfua Herr Photo of Chee and Mai Kaus Vue Photo of Xiong Yang and Ly Moua

Upcoming Meetings & Events